Tuesday, May 7, 2013


In my one on one training sessions with my clients we don’t just work out. For many it is a chance for them to vent about everything going on in their lives. They might tell me about the great weekend they had with their family, or something exciting going on in their lives. Sometimes it’s about the day from hell they had at work, and how much they hate their boss. 

Whatever the scenario may be this is a great thing. 

It’s good to feel happy, and talk about the exciting things going on in your life. It’s also good to flush out all the frustrations that build up in all of us in our daily lives. Especially to someone who is unbiased. I’ve been told before that I’m “completely worth the money because I’m a trainer and a therapist all in one.” 

I’m not a therapist. I’m just an open ear. Talking about life both the good and the bad is healthy. In fact it has an INCREDIBLE impact on your health. So to those who train with me, or who may one day train with me keep venting. It’s good for ya!

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